1582-S.E AMS ZEIG S4082.1
ESHB 1582 - S AMD TO WM COMM AMD (S-3906.1/19) 611
By Senator Zeiger
WITHDRAWN 04/17/2019
On page 4, line 26, after "term of" strike "two years" and insert "one year"
On page 12, at the beginning of line 36, strike "((twelve months')) at least two years'" and insert "twelve months'"
Beginning on page 12, line 37, after "change" strike all material through "community" on page 13, line 13
On page 18, beginning on line 34, after "date" strike all material through "more" on line 35 and insert "twelve months"
EFFECT: Restores the 12-month closure notice requirement, and removes language providing exceptions to the closure notice requirement.
--- END ---