2343-S AMS LIIA POPO 059


SHB 2343 - S AMD TO HSA COMM AMD (S-7141.3/20) 1225

By Senator Liias

ADOPTED 03/03/2020

On page 8, beginning on line 1, strike all of section 4

Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

SHB 2343 S AMD TO HSA COMM AMD (S-7141.3/20)

By Senator ....

On page 15, line 30, after "36.70A.620," strike "43.21C.500,"

EFFECT:  Removes language providing that project actions pertaining to residential, multifamily, or mixed-use development are exempt from appeals under the State Environmental Policy Act on the basis of the aesthetics element of the environment if the project is subject to design review requirements at the local government level.

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