2554-S AMS OBAN S6997.1
SHB 2554 - S AMD TO HLTC COMM AMD (S-6878.1/20) 1249
By Senator O'Ban
NOT ADOPTED 03/05/2020
On page 1, line 22, after "subsection" insert "or prohibited pursuant to (d) of this subsection"
On page 2, after line 12, insert the following:
"(d) The commissioner may not assess a fee under this section on any carrier that excludes a mandated benefit for reason of conscience or religion, pursuant to the carrier's right to object to participating in the provision of a specific service under RCW 48.43.065."
EFFECT: Prohibits the insurance commissioner from setting and assessing a fee on a health carrier that excludes a mandated benefit by reason of conscience or religion.
--- END ---