5848-S AMS ZEIG S2639.1
SSB 5848 - S AMD 171
By Senator Zeiger
On page 8, beginning on line 13, after "2019," strike all material through "9.94A.411." on line 18 and insert "an offender is qualified to earn up to fifty percent of aggregate earned release time if he or she:
(i) Is not classified as an offender who is at a high risk to reoffend as provided in subsection (4) of this section;
(ii) Is not confined pursuant to a sentence for:
(A) A sex offense;
(B) A violent offense;
(C) A crime against persons as defined in RCW 9.94A.411;
(D) A felony that is domestic violence as defined in RCW 10.99.020;
(E) A violation of RCW 9A.52.025 (residential burglary);
(F) A violation of, or an attempt, solicitation, or conspiracy to violate RCW 69.50.401 by manufacture or delivery or possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine; or
(G) A violation of, or an attempt, solicitation, or conspiracy to violate RCW 69.50.406 (delivery of a controlled substance to a minor);
(iii) Has no prior conviction for the offenses listed in (e)(ii) of this subsection;
(iv) Participates in programming or activities as directed by the offender's individual reentry plan as provided under RCW 72.09.270 to the extent that such programming or activities are made available by the department; and
(v) Has not committed a new felony while under community custody."
EFFECT: Amends the exclusion criteria for 50 percent earned good time to match historical criteria that was in place during the period of time that the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP) studied the efficacy of a 50 percent earned good time.
--- END ---