State of Washington
66th Legislature
2020 Regular Session
ByRepresentatives Irwin, Doglio, Davis, Pollet, and Leavitt
Read first time 01/20/20.Referred to Committee on Education.
AN ACT Relating to reporting of student head injury information sustained during athletics and other activities; and adding a new section to chapter 28A.600 RCW.
NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1. A new section is added to chapter 28A.600 RCW to read as follows:
(1)(a) Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, the Washington interscholastic activities association shall require that member schools report information about each head injury sustained by a student in grades nine through twelve during activities overseen by the association.
(b) At a minimum, the following information must be reported: Student's grade and gender, whether the student had a previous concussion, the head injury event date and location, the type and level of activity that the student was participating in at the time of the event, whether it was a practice or competition, any known cause of the head injury event, when during the activity the injury occurred, whether protective equipment was worn on the injured student's head at the time of the event, the type of surface on which the head injury event occurred, who initially examined the student at the time of the event, whether the student was removed from the activity at the time of the event, and follow-up information related to whether the student was determined to have a concussion and whether the student was given a written authorization to return to the activity by the end of the season in which the event occurred.
(2) Beginning October 1, 2021, and by October 1st annually thereafter, the Washington interscholastic activities association shall publish a report summarizing the head injury information received in the prior school year. The report must include rates, patterns, trends, and other relevant information.
(3) The Washington interscholastic activities association must allow, but not require, member schools with students in grades six through eight to report head injury information as described in subsection (1)(b) of this section.
--- END ---