State of Washington
66th Legislature
2020 Regular Session
BySenators Sheldon, Carlyle, and Short
Prefiled 01/07/20.Read first time 01/13/20.Referred to Committee on Environment, Energy & Technology.
AN ACT Relating to system reliability under the clean energy transformation act; and amending RCW 19.405.080.
Sec. 1. RCW 19.405.080 and 2019 c 288 s 8 are each amended to read as follows:
By January 1, 2024, and at least every four years thereafter, except as provided in subsection (2)(c) of this section, and in compliance with RCW 43.01.036, the department must submit a report to the legislature. The report must include the following:
(1) A review of the standards described in RCW 19.405.030 through 19.405.050 focused on technologies, forecasts, and existing transmission, and an evaluation of safety, environmental and public safety protection, affordability, and system reliability.
(2)(a) An evaluation, produced in consultation with the commission, electric utilities, transmission operators in Washington, the reliability coordinator for electric utilities, any regional planning organization serving electric utilities, public interest and environmental organizations, and the regional entity for the western interconnection identifying the potential benefits, impacts, and risks on system reliability associated with achieving the standards described in RCW 19.405.040 and 19.405.050. The evaluation must assess whether electric utilities have sufficient electric generation resources to meet forecasted retail electric load in addition to adequate transmission capability to implement RCW 19.405.030 through 19.405.050 without: (i) Violating mandatory and enforceable reliability standards of the North American electric reliability corporation; (ii) violating prudent utility practice for assuring resource adequacy; or (iii) compromising the power quality or integrity of the electricity system. Subject to funding appropriated for this purpose, the department must consult with a national laboratory with expertise in grid reliability, security, and resilience. If the evaluation determines standards in RCW 19.405.040 and 19.405.050 cannot be met without triggering (a)(i), (ii), or (iii) of this subsection, the department must provide specific recommendations for legislative action.
(b) The evaluation should assess the anticipated financial costs and benefits of investments necessary to correct those deficiencies at the lowest reasonable costs as identified by electric utilities, transmission operators in Washington, the regional entity for the western interconnection, or any regional planning organization serving electric utilities. The assessment of these investments in the report is not deemed to be approval of such investments for rate recovery by any authorizing entity.
(c) The department must submit the evaluation of system reliability under this subsection by January 1, 2022, two years prior to the full report required under this section. Additionally, updates reflecting changing forecasts for electric generation resources, retail electric load, and transmission capability must be provided every four years beginning January 1, 2026.
(3) An evaluation identifying the nature of any anticipated financial costs and benefits to electric utilities, including customer rate impacts and benefits including, but not limited to:
(a) Greenhouse gas emissions of electric utilities;
(b) The allocation of risk between customers and electric utilities;
(c) The allocation of financial costs among electric utilities in the state and whether retail electric customers are equitably bearing the financial costs of implementing RCW 19.405.030 through 19.405.050;
(d) The timing of cost recovery for electricity generated by nonemitting electric generation or renewable resources;
(e) The resource procurement process of electric utilities; and
(f) The barriers to, and benefits of, implementing RCW 19.405.040 and 19.405.050.
(4) An evaluation of new or emerging technologies that could be considered to be a renewable resource.
(5) An assessment of the impacts of RCW 19.405.030 through 19.405.050 on middle-income families, small businesses, and manufacturers in Washington.
--- END ---