HB 1112 - DIGEST

Phases out the use of hydrofluorocarbons in various applications in the state, in a manner similar to the regulations that were adopted by the environmental protection agency, and that have been or will be adopted in several other states around the country.

Requires the department of ecology, in consultation with the department of commerce and the utilities and transportation commission, to complete a study addressing how to: (1) Increase the use of refrigerants with a low global warming potential in mobile sources, utility equipment, and consumer appliances; and

(2) Reduce other uses of hydrofluorocarbons.

Requires the department of enterprise services to establish purchasing and procurement policies that provide a preference for products that: (1) Are not restricted;

(2) Do not contain hydrofluorocarbons;

(3) Are not designed to function only in conjunction with hydrofluorocarbons; and

(4) Were not manufactured using hydrofluorocarbons.