HB 1656 - DIGEST

Prohibits a landlord from evicting or attempting to evict, or otherwise terminating or attempting to terminate, the tenancy of a tenant without a court order which may be issued by a court only after: (1) The landlord pleads cause with specificity;

(2) The tenant has an opportunity at a show cause hearing to contest the eviction; and

(3) The landlord proves that cause exists.

Prohibits a landlord from terminating a fixed term tenancy before completion of the term.

Modifies the residential landlord-tenant act regarding: The expiration of a lease or rental agreement, where premises are rented for a specified time, but will change to a month to month tenancy; the application of a tenant's payment going towards rent; continued tenancy or relief from forfeiture; protections afforded to tenant or occupant regarding deeds of trust and surviving a sale; statutory damages for a landlord's use of rental agreement that he or she knows contains prohibited provisions; and a landlord's statement for retaining any portion of a deposit.