HB 1772 - DIGEST

Declares that motorized foot scooters are not considered vehicles or motor vehicles for the purposes of chapter 46.12, 46.16A, 46.29, 46.37, or 46.70 RCW or RCW 82.12.045.

Allows motorized foot scooters to be parked to the same extent as bicycles.

Defines a "scooter share operator" as a person offering shared scooters for hire.

Authorizes a local authority to regulate the operation of motorized foot scooters and shared scooters within its jurisdiction.

Prohibits a local authority, in regulating shared scooters or scooter share programs, from: (1) Imposing unduly restrictive requirements on a scooter share operator; or

(2) Subjecting riders of shared scooters to requirements more restrictive than those for riders of privately owned motorized foot scooters or bicycles.

Prohibits a person under sixteen years of age from operating a motorized foot scooter; and prohibits motorized foot scooters from being operated at a speed greater than fifteen miles per hour.