SB 5164 - DIGEST

Requires the department of social and health services, for determining eligibility for public assistance and participation levels in the cost of medical care, to exempt restitution payments made to people of Japanese and Aleut ancestry pursuant to the civil liberties act of 1988 and the Aleutian and Pribilof Island restitution act.

Authorizes the department of social and health services to establish a food assistance program for victims of human trafficking.

Provides eligibility to victims of human trafficking for state family assistance programs, as provided in rule, who otherwise meet program eligibility requirements.

Requires medical care services to be provided to victims of human trafficking, who are not eligible for medicaid, who otherwise qualify for the state family assistance program.

Requires the state health care authority to: (1) Add the medical care services enrollees into the apple health for kids, with the same benefits and services provided to medicaid apple health for kids enrollees; and

(2) Coordinate with the department, food assistance programs for legal immigrants, state family assistance programs, and refugee cash assistance.