SB 5181 - DIGEST

Revises the involuntary treatment act.

Prohibits the possession or control of a firearm by a person who has been detained at a facility for seventy-two-hour evaluation and treatment on the grounds that the person presents a likelihood of serious harm, but has not been subsequently committed for involuntary treatment.

Requires a designated crisis responder, before the discharge of the person who has been initially detained, to inform the person orally and in writing that: (1) He or she is prohibited from possessing or controlling a firearm for six months;

(2) He or she must immediately surrender to the county sheriff or the chief of police of the municipality in which the person is domiciled, for the six-month period, any concealed pistol license and firearms that he or she possess or controls; and

(3) After the suspension, his or her right to control or possess a firearm or concealed pistol license is automatically restored.

Requires the department of licensing, in the case of a person whose right to possess a firearm has been suspended for six months, to forward notification of the restoration order to the licensing authority, and upon receipt of the notification, the licensing authority must immediately lift the suspension, restoring the license.