SB 5393-S - DIGEST

Creates the Washington college promise scholarship program to: (1) Replace the state need grant program; and

(2) Provide a statewide free college program for eligible participants and greater access to postsecondary education for state residents.

Requires the office of student financial assistance to: (1) Implement and administer the program;

(2) Establish rules for implementation of the program; and

(3) Award Washington college promise scholarships to eligible students beginning in academic year 2021-2022.

Requires the legislature to appropriate funding for the program.

Requires the caseload forecast council to estimate the anticipated caseload of the program and submit the caseload forecast.

Repeals certain statutes in chapter 28B.92 RCW regarding the state need grant program.

Repeals chapter 28B.119 RCW (the Washington promise scholarship program).