66th Legislature - 2020 Regular Session

Speaker Speaker Pro Tempore


February 16, 2020 - Sunday
Added 1/14/2020

Bill No. Description Prime Sponsors Committee Inf.
HB 1317 Dental therapists Cody,Tharinger APP DPS18 DNP14
Added 1/21/2020

HB 1159 Definition of theft Griffey,Goodman PS DP11
HB 1376 Mistreatment/faith exemption Sells,Klippert CRJ DP10 DNP3 w/oRec2
HB 1395 Direct contractor liability Pellicciotti,Hansen APP DPS(LAWS)19 DNP12
HB 1630 Naturopathy DeBolt,Macri HCW DPS11 DNP4
HB 1694 Tenants/installment payments Morgan,Macri CRJ DP9 DNP4 w/oRec2
HB 1718 Existing resources/local gov Volz,Senn FIN DP10 DNP3
Added 1/28/2020

HB 1088 Littering restitution MacEwen ENVI DPS11
HB 1442 Election candidate names Goehner,Hudgins SGOV DP9
HB 1665 Domestic waste stream Smith,Morris ITED DP8
HB 1808 Nonprofit fund-raising/tax Orcutt FIN DPS13
HB 1894 Wildland fire advisory comm. Dent,Griffey RDAN DP15
ESHB 2050 Wine special license plates TR(Chambers) TR DP2S31
HB 2092 Huckleberry buyers/records Mosbrucker,Chapman RDAN DP15

SHB 1576 Construction defect actions CRJ(Senn)
ESHB 1788 WA state bar association CRJ(Stokesbary)
Added 2/4/2020

HB 1419 Emergency planning/nuclear MacEwen,Shea HOUS DP9
HB 1503 Data brokers Smith,Hudgins APP DP2S(w/o sub ITED)32 w/oRec1
HB 1590 Housing tax/councilmanic Doglio,Dolan FIN DP9 DNP4
HB 1754 Homeless hosting/religious Santos,Jinkins HOUS DPS6 DNP3
HB 1965 Workplace violations/qui tam Hansen,Stonier APP DP2S(w/o sub LAWS)17 DNP13 w/oRec1
HB 2155 State dinosaur Morgan,Reeves SGOV DPS7 w/oRec2
HB 2358 Bicyclists/stop signs Fitzgibbon,Irwin TR DPS24 DNP7
HB 2477 Prof. licensing review Vick,Hoff CPB DP13
HB 2540 Campaign funds/child care Maycumber,Lekanoff SGOV DP9
HB 2748 Parking cash out programs Ramel,Davis LAWS DP4 DNP3
HB 2772 Campaign finance admin. Walsh,Hudgins SGOV DPS9
HJM 4015 United States Space Academy Boehnke,Dufault ITED DP9

HB 1583 Mosquito control districts Kraft,Pollet
HB 1838 Distillery information Walsh,Goehner
Added 2/10/2020

HB 1524 Street rod & custom vehicles Van Werven,Chapman TR DP30
HB 1651 DSHS dev. disability clients Kilduff,Dent HSEL DP2S13
HB 1666 Abandon/council-manager plan Vick,Walen LG DP6
HB 2013 Allied veteran emblems Van Werven,Ryu TR DP30
HB 2185 Higher ed residency/military Leavitt,Van Werven CWD DPS17
HB 2240 High capacity magazines Valdez,Peterson CRJ DPS9 DNP6
HB 2245 Roundabouts Barkis,Ramos TR DPS31
HB 2259 Background checks/education Rude,Leavitt ED DP17
HB 2343 Urban housing Fitzgibbon,Frame ENVI DPS10
HB 2378 Physician assistants Riccelli,Harris HCW DPS13 DNP2
HB 2512 Mobile home delinquent taxes Orwall,Stokesbary CRJ DP13
HB 2586 Electrification Ramel,Fitzgibbon ENVI DPS7 DNP4
HB 2592 All-terrain vehicles Barkis,Doglio TR DP31
HB 2617 Surplus school property Robinson,Ortiz-Self ED DP14 DNP2 w/oRec1
HB 2687 GMA/affordable housing plans Barkis,Griffey ENVI DP9
HB 2731 Student head injury reports Irwin,Doglio ED DPS17
HB 2732 Landlord mitigation/victims Riccelli,Barkis CRJ DPS11 DNP2 w/oRec1
HB 2747 State microanimal Ramel,Lekanoff SGOV DP9
HB 2755 Air ambulance cost transp. Schmick,Caldier HCW DP13 w/oRec1
HB 2757 Official state designations Corry,Appleton SGOV DP9
HB 2783 On-demand gasoline providers Griffey,Springer LG DPS7
HB 2786 Opioid response council Robinson,Davis APP DPS19 DNP12 w/oRec1
HB 2792 Missing & unident. persons Mosbrucker,Orwall PS DP11
HB 2815 Library districts Ortiz-Self LG DPS6 DNP1
HB 2816 School & classroom climates Corry,Steele ED DPS17
HB 2820 Court orders/weapons & DV Klippert,Kilduff CRJ DPS12 w/oRec1
HB 2889 Utility tax disclosures Griffey LG DPS7

HB 1441 Local infrastruct. financing Tharinger,Doglio
HB 1676 Arts & crafts/liquor license MacEwen
Added 2/11/2020

HB 2299 Prison to postsecondary ed. Leavitt,Klippert APP DPS(CWD)26 DNP4 w/oRec1
HB 2334 Drug offender sentencing Davis,Macri APP DPS(PS)30 DNP1
Added 2/12/2020

HB 1154 Chehalis basin financing DeBolt CB DPS24 DNP1
HB 1191 School notifications Goodman,Frame ED DP2S10 DNP7
HB 1256 Driving w/ electronic device Lovick,Irwin TR DPS31
HB 1659 Health sciences auths/taxes Corry,Riccelli FIN DP2S(w/o sub LG)12
HB 1701 Low-cost course material/bac Van Werven,Leavitt APP DP2S(w/o sub CWD)33
HB 2205 Technical corrections Goodman,Dufault CRJ DPS14
HB 2252 Student health plans Thai,Callan HCW DP9 DNP4 w/oRec2
HB 2306 Legal service contractors Kirby,Vick APP DPS(CRJ)31
HB 2375 Controlled substances Leavitt,Irwin PS DPS11
HB 2383 Children's meal beverage Stonier,Gregerson LG DPS4 DNP2
HB 2431 Watercraft criminal offenses Klippert PS DPS11
HB 2464 Excess Rx medication charges Gildon,Young HCW DPS14
HB 2483 DUI vehicle impoundment Van Werven,Goodman PS DPS11
HB 2498 DNR lease termination Corry,Blake APP DPS32
HB 2521 Working families credit/ITIN Thai,Ortiz-Self FIN DP9 DNP3
HB 2524 Ag. product negotiations Chandler,Blake APP DP31
HB 2571 Fish and wildlife violations Goodman,Klippert CRJ DPS13
HB 2572 Habilitation center clients Robinson,Corry APP DPS(HSEL)31
HB 2580 Independent living reports Caldier,Callan HSEL DP13
HB 2623 Firearm possession/crimes Walen,Valdez CRJ DP9 DNP4 w/oRec1
HB 2625 Local parks funding options Eslick,Tarleton FIN DPS10 DNP1 w/oRec1
HB 2643 Educator recertification Callan,Ybarra ED DPS14 DNP3
HB 2677 Health insurance information Chopp,Cody HCW DP15
HB 2696 Meat and poultry misbranding Dent,Blake RDAN DPS13 w/oRec2
HB 2712 Beef country of origin Kretz,Riccelli RDAN DPS11 w/oRec2 DNP2
HB 2795 Juvenile court/jurisdiction Frame,Senn HSEL DPS7 DNP6
HB 2853 Charter school commission Harris,Santos ED DP15 w/oRec2
HB 2884 Travis alert demo. campaign Mosbrucker,Pettigrew HOUS DPS9
HB 2919 REET county fees Chopp,Tharinger FIN DPS12

HB 1707 Disabled veterans/lic plates Gildon,Ryu
Added 2/13/2020

HB 2335 Opioid use/medications Davis,Kilduff HCW DPS14
Added 2/14/2020

HB 1076 Common schools Dolan,Jinkins ED DP2S17
HB 1182 Learning assistance program Santos,Steele APP DP2S(w/o sub ED)32
HB 1645 Parental improvement certs. Ortiz-Self,Frame APP DP2S(HSEL)28 DNP4
HB 1762 Ticket sale interference Young ITED DP8
HB 1775 Sexually exploited children Orwall,Frame APP DP3S(w/o 2sub HSEL)32
HB 1853 Vehicle leaks/drip & drive Ramos,Peterson TR DP2S (w/o sub ENVI)23 DNP8
HB 1974 Cannabis commission Shewmake,Blake APP DP2S(w/o sub COG)18 DNP13 w/oRec1
HB 2069 Utility service charges Dufault,Springer CRJ DPS15
HB 2116 Institutional education Callan,Eslick ED DPS17
HB 2166 Working forest license plate Orcutt,Lovick TR DP30
HB 2188 Military veteran CDL waivers Leavitt,Gildon TR DP29
HB 2197 License plate visibility Thai,McCaslin TR DP31
HB 2228 State fire service deploy. Springer,Dent APP DP24 DNP7 w/oRec1
HB 2238 State wildlife account Ormsby,Stokesbary APP DP31
HB 2244 Wheeled ATVs/state highways Orcutt,Blake TR DPS30
HB 2265 Firefighting foam Doglio,Leavitt ENVI DPS11
HB 2270 School bus stop signals Dolan,Thai TR DPS31
HB 2283 State university admissions Stokesbary,Van Werven CWD DP16 w/oRec1
HB 2295 Small claims court judgments Goodman,Griffey CRJ DPS14
HB 2308 Job title reporting Slatter,Tharinger APP DPS19 DNP12 w/oRec1
HB 2310 On-demand transp. emissions Fitzgibbon,Ramel APP DP2S(w/o sub ENVI)20 DNP11
HB 2311 Greenhouse gas emissions Slatter,Fitzgibbon APP DP2S(w/o sub ENVI)18 DNP13
HB 2347 County clerk bonds Duerr,Pollet LG DP6
HB 2352 Building for the arts Tharinger,Fitzgibbon CB DP25
HB 2356 Prof. licensure/convictions Vick,Harris APP DPS(CPB)32
HB 2359 Marijuana compliance cert. Vick,Wylie COG DPS11
HB 2388 Homelessness definitions Senn,Callan APP DPS(HSEL)19 DNP13
HB 2390 Dev. disability language Kilduff,Goodman HSEL DP13
HB 2396 Bot communication Hudgins,Tarleton APP DP19 DNP12 w/oRec1
HB 2400 Privacy assessment surveys Hudgins,Smith SGOV DPS8 w/oRec1
HB 2405 Comm. property/clean energy Duerr,Barkis APP DP2S(w/o sub LG)23 DNP8 w/oRec1
HB 2427 Climate change/GMA Duerr,Springer ENVI DPS8 DNP3
HB 2453 Residential tenants Macri,Thai CRJ DPS9 DNP6
HB 2474 Sales commissions Sells LAWS DP7
HB 2491 Tribal vehicles compact Ramos,Barkis TR DP25 DNP5
HB 2497 Affordable housing financing Ormsby,Leavitt FIN DP8 DNP4
HB 2501 Multiuse roadway safety acct Eslick,Blake TR DP28 w/oRec3
HB 2511 Domestic worker protections Stonier,Sells APP DP2S(w/o sub LAWS)21 DNP11
HB 2518 Natural gas transmission Shewmake,Ybarra APP DP2S(w/o sub ENVI)20 DNP12
HB 2520 Landlord damage claims Thai,Macri CRJ DPS9 DNP6
HB 2528 Forest products/climate Ramos,DeBolt APP DP2S(w/o sub RDAN)32
HB 2535 Past due rent grace period Kirby,Pollet CRJ DPS11 DNP2 w/oRec2
HB 2555 Other firearms/background Goodman APP DPS(CRJ)19 DNP13
HB 2565 Disposable wipe labeling Fitzgibbon,Doglio ENVI DPS11
HB 2570 Accessory dwelling units Gregerson,Barkis APP DP2S(w/o sub ENVI)20 DNP11 w/oRec1
HB 2583 Student transp./out-of-home Caldier,Dent APP DPS(ED)32
HB 2594 Electric & gas disclosures Boehnke,DeBolt ENVI DP10 DNP1
HB 2596 New space economy Boehnke,Kloba APP DP31
HB 2610 Mobile home community sales Duerr,Ramel CRJ DP9 DNP4
HB 2613 Unemployment benefits Sells,Mosbrucker LAWS DPS7
HB 2620 Multiple-unit dwellings/tax Walen,Barkis FIN DPS12
HB 2629 Utility connection charges Walen,Goodman HOUS DPS6 DNP3
HB 2645 Photovoltaic modules Smith,Eslick ENVI DPS11
HB 2649 Homeless shelter capacity Ryu,Doglio HOUS DPS6 DNP3
HB 2660 School meals at no cost Riccelli,Harris APP DPS(ED)31 DNP1
HB 2662 Total cost of insulin Maycumber,Cody APP DP2S(w/o sub HCW)29 DNP3
HB 2673 Infill development Barkis,Griffey ENVI DPS11
HB 2676 Autonomous vehicle testing Kloba,Boehnke TR DPS23 DNP7
HB 2679 Nonprofit health carriers Robinson,Macri APP DPS21 DNP8 w/oRec2
HB 2704 Sexual assault counseling Caldier,Orwall APP DP30 DNP2
HB 2709 Food benefit trafficking Lovick,Dent PS DP11
HB 2713 Compost procurement and use Walen,Chandler APP DPS(SGOV)32
HB 2714 Riparian easement carbon val Hoff,Fitzgibbon APP DPS(RDAN)30 w/oRec2
HB 2728 Funding model/telehealth Slatter,Davis APP DPS19 DNP12
HB 2739 Shared leave program Kloba,Stonier SGOV DP9
HB 2758 911 dispatch personnel/PTSD Corry,Pettigrew APP DPS(LAWS)25 DNP6 w/oRec1
HB 2763 DOC employee interest arb. Chapman,Dent APP DP23 DNP9
HB 2768 Urban and community forestry Ramos,Shewmake APP DPS(RDAN) 30 DNP2
HB 2793 Criminal records/vacating Hansen,Irwin APP DP2S(w/o sub PS)30 w/oRec1 DNP1
HB 2797 Housing/sales & use tax Robinson,Macri FIN DP9 DNP3
HB 2833 Engineers and land surveyors Hoff CPB DP13
HB 2834 Identicard/homeless Harris,Santos APP DP30 DNP1 w/oRec1
HB 2849 Commerce housing programs Tharinger,DeBolt CB DPS13 DNP10 w/oRec2
HB 2860 Plane coordinate system Orcutt,Fey RDAN DP15
HB 2870 Marijuana retail licenses Pettigrew,Ryu APP DP2S(w/o sub COG)19 DNP12 w/oRec1
HB 2882 Interbay community authority Tarleton,Frame HOUS DPS9
HB 2896 Surplus land, buildings Ryu,Santos HOUS DP6 DNP3
HB 2905 Baby, child dentistry access Johnson, J.,Riccelli APP DPS31
HB 2906 Gray wolf radio collars Kretz,Chapman APP DPS(RDAN)32

HB 2040 Nonhigh school districts MacEwen