1091-S3 AMH MAYC H1131.1
3SHB 1091 - H AMD 119
By Representative Maycumber
WITHDRAWN 02/27/2021
On page 9, line 11, after "locomotives;" strike "and"
On page 9, line 13, after "equipment" insert "; and
(d) Dyed special fuel used for agricultural purposes exempt from chapter 82.38 RCW"
On page 9, line 18, after "logs;" insert "and"
On page 9, beginning on line 23, after "operations" strike all material through "RCW" on line 25
EFFECT: Eliminates the 2028 expiration of the exemption from Clean Fuels Program requirements for dyed diesel fuel used for agricultural purposes that is exempt from motor vehicle fuel tax.
--- END ---