1091-S3 AMH ROBE LIPS 072


3SHB 1091 - H AMD 132

By Representative Robertson

WITHDRAWN 02/27/2021

On page 14, after line 37, insert the following:

"NEW SECTION. Sec. (1) Beginning February 25, 2023, and on the 25th of February and 25th of August of each year thereafter, the department must notify the state treasurer of the number of zero emission vehicles that were used as the basis for the generation of credits under this chapter during the two preceding calendar quarters ending on the last day of December and March or June and September.

(2) On the last day of March and September of each year, the state treasurer, based upon information provided by the department, must transfer a sum equal to the average amount of motor fuel tax revenue forgone as a result of the use of a zero emission vehicle multiplied by the number of vehicles under subsection (1) of this section from the general fund to the motor vehicle fund created in RCW 46.68.070."

Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT: Requires the Department of Ecology to report twice annually to the state treasurer on the number of zero emission vehicles that were used to generate Clean Fuels Program credits during the preceding half year. Requires the state treasurer to make twice-yearly transfers for each electric vehicle used to generate Clean Fuels Program credits from the state general fund to the state motor vehicle fund, in an amount equal to the number of electric vehicles multiplied by the average fuel tax revenue foregone as a result of zero emission vehicle use.



--- END ---