1099-S2 AMH DYEM H1215.1
2SHB 1099 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-1186.1/21) 394
By Representative Dye
NOT ADOPTED 03/05/2021
On page 2, beginning on line 39, after "support" strike "state greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements and"
On page 15, beginning on line 19, after "traveled" strike "consistent with the reduction requirements set forth in RCW 70A.45.020"
On page 17, beginning on line 10, after "emissions" strike all material through "programs" on line 14
On page 18, beginning on line 16, strike all of subsection (4)
Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Removes references to statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements.
--- END ---