1140-S AMH KLIP BUR 015


SHB 1140 - H AMD 124

By Representative Klippert

ADOPTED 03/02/2021

On page 2, line 1, after "proceeding," strike all material through "RCW 13.40.140" on line 8 and insert "unless:

(a) The juvenile has been provided with access to an attorney for consultation; and the juvenile provides an express waiver knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily made by the juvenile after the juvenile has been fully informed of the rights being waived as required under RCW 13.40.140;

(b) The statement is for impeachment purposes; or

(c) The statement was made spontaneously"

EFFECT:   Adds an exception to the bill's exclusionary rule, permitting spontaneous statements made by a juvenile after the juvenile is contacted by a law enforcement officer to be admitted into evidence.

--- END ---