1169-S AMH GRAH HARO 590


SHB 1169 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2184.1/22) 949

By Representative Graham

NOT ADOPTED 02/12/2022

On page 35, at the beginning of line 7 of the striking amendment, strike "((69.50.435 or))" and insert "69.50.435 or"

On page 46, beginning on line 1 of the striking amendment, after "Sec. 9." strike all material through "2003 c 53 s 346" on line 7 and insert "RCW 9.94A.833 (Special allegation—Involving minor in felony offense—Procedures) and 2008 c 276 s 302 are each repealed"

EFFECT:   Reinstates the current law sentencing enhancement that applies when a person commits certain controlled substances offenses in a protected zone. 

--- END ---