1184-S AMH GOEH WRIK 099


SHB 1184 - H AMD 107

By Representative Goehner

ADOPTED 02/24/2021

On page 2, line 17, after "permit" strike "criteria"

On page 2, beginning on line 19, after "Washington." strike all material through "requirements." on line 24

On page 2, line 25, after "owner or" strike "construction"

On page 2, line 26, after "impervious" strike "services" and insert "surfaces"


Clarifies the requirement that the rules adopted by the Department of Health for the on-site treatment and reuse of nonpotable alternative water sources must address any conflict between the rules and the Department of Ecology's stormwater permit and guidance manuals on stormwater.

Clarifies the requirement that calculations made by property owners or permit holders to address runoff from impervious surfaces must reduce the amount of rainwater that is considered stormwater by the amount of rainwater that is treated and reused onsite in conformance with the rules established.

--- END ---