1199 AMH CORR HATF 020


HB 1199 - H AMD 41

By Representative Corry

ADOPTED 02/12/2021

On page 3, line 6, after "improvements" insert ", as authorized under RCW 79.13.050,"

On page 3, line 8, after "for the" strike "value of the improvements" and insert "fair market value of the improvements. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached between the state and the lessee on the fair market value of the improvements, the valuation must be determined as prescribed under RCW 79.13.160"

EFFECT:   Adds the following criteria for the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) responsibilities to compensate lessees for improvements made on the leased land:

Specifies that the improvements must have been authorized;

Requires the DNR to pay the "fair market value," rather than just the "value"; and

In instances where agreement cannot be reached on the fair market value, valuation must be determined according to a process outlined in an existing statute (RCW 79.13.160).

--- END ---