1236-S AMH DUFA MORI 026


SHB 1236 - H AMD 390

By Representative Dufault

WITHDRAWN 03/06/2021

On page 7, line 19, after "section" insert "and RCW 59.12.030"

On page 8, line 1, after "The" strike "following reasons listed in this subsection" and insert "reasons listed in this subsection and in RCW 59.12.030"

On page 16, at the beginning of line 13, strike "((A)) Except as limited by section 2 of this act relating to tenancies under chapter 59.18 RCW, a" and insert "A"

On page 16, line 16, after "(1)" strike "When" and insert "((When)) Notwithstanding any provisions in section 2 of this act, when"

EFFECT:  Removes the good cause limitations on circumstances for which a residential tenant is liable for unlawful detainer. Specifies that such a tenant is liable for unlawful detainer for continued possession of the property after expiration of the rental term "notwithstanding" good cause limitations.

--- END ---