1287-S2 AMH BARK H1171.1
2SHB 1287 - H AMD 158
By Representative Barkis
ADOPTED 03/03/2021
On page 12, after line 15, insert the following:
Sec. 5. "RCW 82.44.200 and 2019 c 287 s 15 are each amended to read as follows:
The electric vehicle account is created in the transportation infrastructure account. Proceeds from the principal and interest payments made on loans from the account must be deposited into the account. Expenditures from the account may be used only for the purposes specified in RCW 47.04.350, 82.08.9999, and 82.12.9999, and the support of other transportation electrification and alternative fuel related purposes, including section 2 of this act. Moneys in the account may be spent only after appropriation."
Correct the title.
EFFECT: Clarifies that expenditures from the electric vehicle account may be used to fund the development and maintenance of the charging and refueling infrastructure mapping and forecasting tool.
--- END ---