1300 AMH GILY BROD 058


HB 1300 - H AMD 71

By Representative Gilday

On page 8, line 8, after "(b)" insert "The landlord may withhold a portion of or all of the security deposit to:

(i) Remedy tenant defaults for accidental or intentional damages to the premises resulting from failure to comply with RCW 59.18.130, failure to pay rent due, or failure to return all keys, including key fobs, parking cards, garage door openers, and mailbox keys, and other appurtenances furnished by the landlord at the commencement of the tenancy;

(ii) Compensate for damages cause by a tenant who wrongfully quits the premises;

(iii) Compensate for damages caused by any animal residing in the premises; or

(iv) Compensate the landlord for money owed by the tenant under the rental agreement for utility services provided by the landlord.


Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT:  Specifies the bases upon which the landlord may withhold a portion of or all the security deposit.

--- END ---