1310-S2 AMH MOSB LEON 714


2SHB 1310 - H AMD 379

By Representative Mosbrucker

NOT ADOPTED 03/06/2021

On page 2, beginning on line 22, after "when" strike all material through "person" on line 23 and insert "such use is justifiable under chapter 9A.16 RCW"

On page 3, beginning on line 29, beginning with "(5)" strike all material through "officer." on page 4, line 4

EFFECT:   Modifies the general standard for use of physical force by a peace officer in the underlying bill by providing that use of deadly force may be used only when such use is justifiable under current criminal liability standards (rather than only when necessary to protect against an imminent threat of serious physical injury or death to the officer or another person).

--- END ---