1332-S AMH BER HARA 281


SHB 1332 - H AMD TO H AMD (1332-S AMH SULP HARA 276) 396

By Representative Berg

ADOPTED 03/05/2021

On page 5, line 19 of the striking amendment, after "payment plan." insert "In setting terms for the payment plan, the county treasurer must consider cash flow and other impacts on all relevant taxing jurisdictions. The county treasurer must prioritize payment plan expenditures to protect scheduled bond payments, and otherwise has discretion as to how payments made under the payment plan are expended."

EFFECT:  Directs that county treasurers must consider impacts on all taxing jurisdictions when establishing terms of payment plans, must prioritize payment plan expenditures to cover bond payments, and provides further discretion to the treasurer as to how payments received are expended.  

--- END ---