1368-S AMH ORMS MERE 579


SHB 1368 - H AMD 29

By Representative Ormsby

ADOPTED 02/01/2021

On page 9, line 28, after "department" strike "must" and insert "may"

On page 9, line 33, after "contract" strike "must" and insert "may"

EFFECT: (1) Eliminates the requirement that the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) contract with one or more nonprofit organizations to administer the Washington Immigrant Relief Fund (Immigrant Relief Fund).

(2) Permits the DSHS, if it contracts with an organization to administer the Immigrant Relief Fund, to require the organization to perform outreach activities to communities that may have been underrepresented in earlier grant awards under the program.

FISCAL IMPACT: No net changes to appropriated levels.

--- END ---