1760-S2 AMH PAUL WARG 548


2SHB 1760 - H AMD 1013

By Representative Paul

ADOPTED 02/12/2022

On page 1, line 8, after "(1)" strike "At the beginning of each" and insert "Prior to course scheduling or course registration for the next"

On page 3, at the beginning of line 29, strike "((universities)) institutions of higher education" and insert "universities"

On page, 3, line 31, after "program." insert the following:


Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT:   Requires that each public school that serves high school students provide specified dual credit information to students and their parents or guardians prior to course scheduling or course registration for the next school term, rather than at the beginning of each school term. Restores language allowing students to enroll in running start courses at participating "universities," rather than "institutions of higher education," only if the board of directors of the students' school has decided to participate in the running start program.

--- END ---