1837 AMH ABBA SMIL 206


HB 1837 - H AMD 1099

By Representative Abbarno

NOT ADOPTED 02/14/2022

On page 1, line 16, after "injuries," strike all material through "practices" on line 19 and insert "however, in 2006, the state Supreme Court ruled that "the language of I-841 is plain and unambiguous. Nothing in I-841 suggests that L&I is stripped of its general regulatory authority to address serious or deadly ergonomics-related workplace hazards by way of RCW 49.17.060(1)""

EFFECT:   Replaces intent section language regarding the severity of work-related musculoskeletal injuries with findings regarding a state Supreme Court case on the authority of the Department of Labor and Industries to address serious ergonomics-related hazards through its general safety regulatory authority.

--- END ---