1837 AMH CORR SMIL 192


HB 1837 - H AMD 1072

By Representative Corry

NOT ADOPTED 02/14/2022

On page 2, after line 19, insert the following:

"(6) The legislature intends that regulations addressing work-related musculoskeletal or other repetitive motion injuries adopted by the department of labor and industries will not apply to any small business, as defined in RCW 19.85.020. The legislature further intends that the department of labor and industries will provide educational and technical support to small businesses seeking to develop and implement site-specific ergonomic guidelines."

EFFECT:   Adds legislative intent language specifying that:

musculoskeletal and related regulations adopted by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) are not intended to apply to small businesses; and

it is intended that L&I provide specific support to small businesses in their development and implementation of guidelines.

--- END ---