1837 AMH RYUC SMIL 210


HB 1837 - H AMD 1141

By Representative Ryu

ADOPTED 02/14/2022

On page 2, after line 19, insert the following:

"(6) Washington has one of the most robust, no-cost, professional safety and health consultation services available anywhere in the nation to assist employers to fulfill their responsibilities to provide a safe and healthful workplace. The legislature recognizes small businesses may be in greatest need of this expertise. Therefore, the legislature further intends that the department of labor and industries provides educational and technical support to small businesses related to ergonomic hazards and includes compliance assistance as part of the adoption of any ergonomic regulations. These efforts should be coordinated with business associations, including those representing small businesses."

EFFECT:   Adds intent language:

regarding existing safety and health consultation services and small business needs; and

specifying that the Legislature intends for the Department of Labor and Industries to provide certain support and assistance to small businesses in the adoption of any ergonomic regulations.

--- END ---