5092-S.E AMH CALD MULH 221


ESSB 5092 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-1459.2/21) 495

By Representative Caldier

ADOPTED 04/03/2021

On page 222, after line 6, insert the following:

"(31) Any organization under contract with the Department to serve foster children through behavioral rehabilitation services or group home services must provide at least ninety days notice before closure of a facility or group home, except if the closure is in response to a catastrophe that renders the facility or group home unusable, and must not under any circumstances remove a foster child from the facility or group home placement until alternate housing is arranged in coordination with the department. In arranging alternate housing, the organization and Department must prioritize stability for the foster child."

Renumber remaining sections consecutively and correct internal references accordingly.

EFFECT:   Requires that any organization under contract with DCYF for Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) or group home services must provide at least 90 days notice when closing a facility or group home, and must coordinate with DCYF to arrange alternate housing for foster children affected by the closure. Placement stability for the foster children must be prioritized.

FISCAL IMPACT: No net change to appropriated levels.

--- END ---