5141-S2.E AMH DYEM H1540.1
E2SSB 5141 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-1522.2/21) 696
By Representative Dye
ADOPTED 04/10/2021
On page 14, after line 22, insert the following:
"(4) Each covered agency must identify overburdened communities, as required by section 13 of this act, in such a way that the performance effectiveness of the duties created by this chapter can be measured, including the effectiveness of environmental justice assessments required by section 14 of this act. Each covered agency may identify and prioritize overburdened communities as needed to accomplish the purposes of this chapter."
EFFECT: Requires covered agencies to identify overburdened communities in such a way as to allow the measurement of the performance effectiveness of the environmental justice obligations of covered agencies.
--- END ---