5160-S2.E AMH CORR BROD 121


E2SSB 5160 - H AMD TO HHSV COMM AMD (H-1400.1/21) 609

By Representative Corry

WITHDRAWN 04/08/2021

On page 23, beginning on line 25 of the striking amendment, strike all of section 16

Renumber the remaining sections and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT:  Strikes the section providing that, for one year beyond the expiration of the eviction moratorium, a tenant may demonstrate ability to pay in order to reinstate the tenancy by means of reimbursement from the Landlord Mitigation Program account. In such cases, the restriction that a tenant who has been served with three or more notices to pay or vacate for nonpayment of rent within one year may not seek relief for reinstating the tenancy does not apply.

--- END ---