5377-S2.E AMH CODY MORI 048


E2SSB 5377 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-1523.1/21) 667

By Representative Cody

ADOPTED 04/08/2021

On page 5, line 4 of the striking amendment, after "(a)" strike "At the request of" and insert "Upon an offer from"

On page 5, line 8 of the striking amendment, after "with" strike "the" and insert "at least one"

On page 5, line 9 of the striking amendment, after "plan" insert ". This subsection (1)(a) does not apply to a hospital owned and operated by a health maintenance organization licensed under chapter 48.46 RCW"

EFFECT: Requires, if public option plans are not available statewide in 2022, a hospital to contract with at least one public option plan (instead of with "the" public option plan) upon an offer from a public option plan (instead of "at the request of" a public option plan). Exempts hospitals owned and operated by health maintenance organizations from the contracting requirement.

--- END ---