5544-S.E AMH RYUC POOL 025


ESSB 5544 - H AMD TO CED COMM AMD (H-2763.2/22) 1221

By Representative Ryu

ADOPTED 03/04/2022

On page 1, line 20 of the striking amendment, after "(d)" insert "A privacy expert with experience in blockchain technology or its applications;


Reletter the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

On page 2, line 18 of the striking amendment, after "systems" insert "including, but not limited to, African American, Latino American, Native American, Pacific Islander American, and Asian American communities, religious minorities, protest and activist groups, and other vulnerable communities"

On page 3, line 5 of the striking amendment, after "designee;" insert "the director of the department of licensing, or the director's designee; the director of the office of equity, or the director's designee;"

EFFECT:  Adds a privacy expert as a member of the work group. Adds the Director of the Department of Licensing and the Director of the Office of Equity, or their designees, as ex officio members of the work group. Provides examples of protected classes of communities historically impacted by surveillance technologies and bias in technology-based systems.

--- END ---