5693-S.E AMH HOFF HENR 058


ESSB 5693 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2871.1/22) 1176

By Representative Hoff

NOT ADOPTED 02/26/2022

On page 656, line 10, decrease the general fund-state appropriation for fiscal year 2023 by $62,000

On page 656, line 17, correct the total.

On page 656, line 32, after "and (($2,677,000))" strike "$3,444,000" and insert "$3,382,000"

On page 661, beginning on line 35, strike all of subsection (o)

Reletter the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT: Removes the Washington State Institute for Public Policy study to assess specific needs of farmworkers within The Evergreen State College.


 Reduces General Fund - State by $62,000.

--- END ---