1127-S2 AMS FORT S2663.2
2SHB 1127 - S AMD TO WM COMM AMD (S-2544.1/21) 636
By Senator Fortunato
NOT ADOPTED 04/10/2021
On page 3, line 11, after "entity" insert "or a service provider"
On page 3, line 35, strike all of subsection (4)(b)(viii)
Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
On page 6, line 25, after "(20)" strike "(a)"
On page 6, at the beginning of line 31, strike "(b) "Service provider" excludes" and insert ""Service provider" includes"
On page 7, line 1, after "agency" strike "," and insert "or"
On page 7, beginning on line 2, after "program" strike all material through "organization" on line 3
EFFECT: (1) Revises the definition of covered organization by specifying that a covered organization also means a service provider and removing the exemption for service provider.
(2) Revises the definition of service provider by including, rather than excluding, a person that develops or operates a website or application for purposes of responding to COVID-19.
(3) Revises the definition of third party by removing the exemption for a service provider of a covered organization.
--- END ---