1236-S.E AMS GILD POPO 147


ESHB 1236 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-2683.3/21) 696

By Senator Gildon

NOT ADOPTED 04/08/2021

On page 12, line 16, after "lease" insert ";

(q) The tenant continues in possession after having received a notice to vacate at least 20 days prior to the end of the rental period and the landlord has notified the tenant in writing pursuant to RCW 59.12.030(3) for failure to pay rent four or more times in a 12-month period"

EFFECT: Adds a new cause for eviction or refusal to renew or end a tenancy if the tenant fails to pay rent when due at least four or more times in a 12-month period, subject to a 20-day written notice. 

--- END ---