1287-S2.E AMS DASM S2737.1
E2SHB 1287 - S AMD TO TRAN COMM AMD (S-2584.1/21) 744
By Senator Das
ADOPTED 04/10/2021
On page 11, line 26, after "as" strike "residential R-3," and insert "((residential R-3,))"
On page 11, line 26, after "utility" strike "," and insert "((,))"
On page 11, line 27, after "(c)" strike "The" and insert "((The))Except for rules related to residential R-3, the"
On page 11, line 28, after "2021." insert "The rules required under this subsection for occupancies classified as residential R-3 must be implemented by July 1, 2024."
EFFECT: Adds the requirement that the building code council adopt rules to require electric vehicle charging capability at all new residential R-3 buildings that provide on-site parking. The greater of one parking space or 10 percent of parking spaces, rounded to the next whole number, must be provided with wiring or raceway sized to accommodate 208/240 v 40-amp or equivalent electric vehicle charging. The rules must be adopted by July 1, 2024.
--- END ---