1368-S.E AMS BRAU S0872.2
ESHB 1368 - S AMD 46
By Senator Braun
NOT ADOPTED 02/10/2021
On page 12, after line 14, insert the following:
"COVID-19 Public Health Response Nonappropriated AccountState Appropriation . . . . $200,000,000"
Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.
On page 13, after line 38, insert the following:
"(4) $200,000,000 of the COVID-19 public health response nonappropriated accountstate appropriation is provided solely for subgrants to local education agencies for vaccinations, testing, contact tracing, and other necessary activities to facilitate the safe reopening of schools. If necessary, the superintendent and the department of health shall enter into an interagency agreement to facilitate the expenditures from the COVID-19 public health response account. The superintendent must distribute the funding based on the number of full-time equivalent students within that local education agency as a proportion of the total number of full-time equivalent students statewide."
EFFECT: Appropriates $200 million of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Account moneys for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to make subgrants, on a proportional basis, available to local education agencies to assist with school reopening.
EXPENDITURE EFFECT (2021-2023): $0 Near General FundState/$200,000,000 Total Funds
--- END ---