1723-S2.E AMS SHOR S5386.1
E2SHB 1723 - S AMD TO WM COMM AMD (S-5042.3/22) 1469
By Senator Short
NOT ADOPTED 03/04/2022
On page 12, beginning on line 36, after "28," strike all material through "thereafter" on line 37 and insert "2023"
On page 12, after line 37, insert the following:
"(8) This section expires December 1, 2023."
On page 14, line 5, after "sections;" strike "and providing an effective date" and insert "providing an effective date; and providing an expiration date"
EFFECT: Changes the date by which the Digital Equity Forum must submit recommendations to October 28, 2023, from October 28, 2025. Removes the requirement for the Digital Equity Forum to submit recommendations every odd-numbered year after the first submission of recommendations. Provides an expiration date for the Digital Equity Forum.
--- END ---