1769 AMS FORT S5105.1
HB 1769 - S AMD 1256
By Senator Fortunato
NOT ADOPTED 03/01/2022
On page 1, at the beginning of line 9, insert "(1)"
On page 3, after line 5, insert the following:
"(2) At least seven months prior to the expiration of a community municipal corporation, the community municipal corporation council must publish its decision to either:
(a) Initiate a resolution to be annexed all or in part to another city or town, pursuant to chapter 35.10 RCW; or
(b) Propose the incorporation of a city or town covering the service area of the existing community municipal corporation, pursuant to chapter 35.02 RCW. A community municipal corporation that publishes its decision to incorporate as a city or town pursuant to chapter 35.02 RCW is exempt from the provisions of RCW 35.02.010 and may be reincorporated with a simple majority of voters residing within its service area.
(3) If the community municipal corporation does not publish its decision to incorporate or annex to another city or town at least seven months prior to its expiration, the community municipal corporation must consolidate with the city or town in which its service area resides upon the expiration of its term."
EFFECT: Authorizes a community municipal corporation to either petition for incorporation as a new city or town or initiate a resolution to be annexed to an existing city or town upon its expiration. If the community municipal corporation does not file a petition or initiate a resolution, the community municipal corporation shall be terminated and consolidated into the current city or town.
--- END ---