1837.E AMS GILD S5218.1
EHB 1837 - S AMD TO LCTA COMM AMD (S-4929.1/22) 1451
By Senator Gildon
On page 1, beginning on line 30, after "injuries." strike all material through "costs." on line 32 and insert "In 2006, the state supreme court ruled that "the language of I-841 is plain and unambiguous. Nothing in I-841 suggests that L&I is stripped of its general regulatory authority to address serious or deadly ergonomics-related workplace hazards by way of RCW 49.17.060(1).""
EFFECT: Adds to the intent section regarding a state Supreme Court case on the authority of the Department of Labor and Industries to address serious ergonomics-related hazards through its general safety regulatory authority.
--- END ---