5036-S2.E AMS SALO S3808.1
E2SSB 5036 - S AMD 946
By Senator Salomon
On page 8, line 19, after "((five))" strike "10" and insert "12"
On page 8, line 38, after "(j)" strike all material through "judge" and insert "Three retired superior court judges"
On page 12, line 31, after "board" strike "shall" and insert "may"
On page 13, line 1, after "or" insert ", upon majority vote of the board,"
EFFECT: (1) Amends board membership to 12 members.
(2) Adds 2 additional retired superior court judge seats to required board members.
(3) Makes the board recommendation for release with affirmative and other conditions permissive rather than mandatory.
(4) Requires a majority vote of the board to recommend conditional commutation to the governor.
--- END ---