5042 AMS SHOR S1147.1
SB 5042 - S AMD 51
By Senator Short
Beginning on page 1, line 5, strike all of section 1 and insert the following:
"NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1. The legislature finds that affordable housing is one of the greatest challenges facing our state today. Providing missing middle housing for the workforce is essential for resolving the homeless crisis and getting people into homes at all income levels. In order to build more houses, it is important to create certainty in the legal framework for permitting housing. As important as it is to have public review of legislative decisions regarding planning, it is equally important to have certainty built into the permitting process to enable no break in the housing supply.
The legislature also finds that there is a need for certainty to support a legislative action. Judicial review of acts is to aid in interpretation of the law and should not be abused as a way to change the outcomes of legislative actions. Standing for review actions should be narrow and limited to people who have a personal interest in the outcome of the legislative action. Without stricter sideboards on who can promote appeals, development and new housing will grind to a halt, exacerbating this housing crisis.
Therefore, the legislature intends to set the effective date of these impactful planning actions to a time that will allow for the appropriate review of growth planning decisions to balance the need for more types of housing intended under this act."
EFFECT: Replaces the intent section.
--- END ---