5051-S2 AMS WAGO S1538.1
2SSB 5051 - S AMD 185
By Senator Wagoner
NOT ADOPTED 02/25/2021
On page 32, at the beginning of line 33, strike all material through "(b)))" on line 35 and insert "the following records of the commission are confidential and exempt from public disclosure: (a) The contents of personnel action reports filed under RCW 43.101.135 or 43.101.136; (b)"
On page 32, beginning on line 36, after "commission" strike "as part of an initial background investigation"
Beginning on page 32, line 37, after "RCW 43.101.095" strike all material through "disclosure." on page 33, line 2, and insert "(5) or 43.101.096; and (c) all investigative files of the commission compiled in carrying out the responsibilities of the commission under this chapter."
EFFECT: Restores current law regarding public disclosure of contents of personnel action reports.
--- END ---