5092-S AMS WILS S2504.1
SSB 5092 - S AMD 525
By Senator Wilson, L.
ADOPTED 04/01/2021
On page 491, after line 5, insert the following:
"NEW SECTION.  Sec. 994. The president of the United States proposed the American jobs plan on March 31, 2021, and has requested the United States congress to provide additional federal funding to the states to rebuild the economy including, but not limited to, funding for infrastructure projects, building and utilities improvements, economic stimulus and jobs, and access to care and services for the aging and persons with disabilities. The legislature anticipates the receipt of this new federal funding and intends to appropriate any federal funds with an operating or capital budget impact in a future budget or appropriation act. The new federal funding may not be expended through the unanticipated process provided in RCW 43.79.270 and 43.79.280 or through any appropriation authority provided in this omnibus operating appropriations act or the omnibus capital appropriations act."
EFFECT: Acknowledges the receipt of additional federal funding from the proposed American Jobs Plan and directs that these funds will be spent through the appropriation process, and not the unanticipated receipts process or federal appropriation authority provided in the operating or capital budgets.
EXPENDITURE EFFECT (2021-2023): $0 Near General FundState/$0 Total Funds
--- END ---