5141-S2 AMS MULL S1774.1
2SSB 5141 - S AMD 271
By Senator Mullet
ADOPTED 03/01/2021
On page 4, line 4, after "population," strike "consistent" and insert "in consideration"
On page 8, line 16, after "section" strike "and the" and insert ", and while considering the suggested"
On page 8, line 18, after "agency" strike "following" and insert "considering"
On page 10, line 21, after "populations," strike "consistent with" and insert "while considering"
On page 15, line 36, after "developing a" insert "suggested"
EFFECT: Specifies that the definition of "significant agency action," agency development of the environmental justice assessment process, and agency incorporation of environmental justice principles in budget and funding development processes are in consideration of guidelines developed by the council, rather than consistent with or following the guidelines developed by the council. Provides that the identification and prioritization of significant agency actions for environmental justice assessments is a suggested identification and prioritization. Provides that the schedule and timeline developed by the council for significant agency actions subject to environmental justice assessment and funding and expenditure decisions subject to rules and criteria incorporating environmental justice principles, is a suggested schedule and timeline.
--- END ---