5160-S2 AMS KUDE S1576.1
2SSB 5160 - S AMD 234
By Senator Kuderer
ADOPTED 03/04/2021
On page 3, beginning on line 4, after "(6)" strike all material through "(7)" on line 6
On page 4, line 11, after "offer" insert "the tenant"
On page 4, line 15, after "offer" strike "or" and insert ", the landlord may proceed with an unlawful detainer action as set forth in RCW 59.12.030(3) but subject to any requirements under the eviction resolution pilot program established under section 7 of this act. If the tenant"
On page 5, line 3, after "RCW 59.12.030" insert "(3)"
On page 9, line 2, after "(1)(b)" insert "and (d)"
On page 9, line 3, after "damages" insert "or any remaining unpaid rent"
On page 9, line 7, after "damages" insert "or any remaining unpaid rent"
EFFECT: (1) Clarifies that landlord eligibility for reimbursement under the landlord mitigation program applies when the tenant defaults on a repayment plan and not when the tenant fails to respond to a repayment plan offer within 14 days.
(2) Prohibits landlords from taking any legal or collection action once reimbursed under the LMP to recoup any remaining unpaid rent accrued during the public health emergency and the tenant abandons the tenancy or when a tenant defaults on a repayment plan.
(3) Makes technical corrections to conform with other provisions adopted in the Second Substitute version of the bill.
--- END ---