5395-S2 AMS PADD S1823.1
2SSB 5395 - S AMD 358
By Senator Padden
NOT ADOPTED 03/04/2021
On page 1, line 10, after "home." insert "The legislature further finds that legislators should remain available to the public and conduct their business at the seat of government, located in the city of Olympia at the Washington state capitol, as required under the Article XIV, section 1 of the Washington state Constitution."
On page 2, line 30, after "commissions." insert "Legislators are specifically and entirely excluded from all provisions of this section."
EFFECT: States the intent of the legislature to conduct their business at the seat of government.
Excludes legislators from the provisions for agencies to provide, purchase, or reimburse state employees for office supplies, services, and other materials to work from home.
--- END ---